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For many of us, BBQ season can’t come soon enough. All around the country, men are trying to decide whether they should scrub their grill sclean or leave it to “add to the flavour”. And sales of burgers and sausages are steadily rising.

But food shortages are a huge, worldwide, problem and in the not too distant future things like burgers and sausages may be a little more difficult to find. It’s bad enough that supermarkets are wasting food because it’s the wrong shape and farmers are growing food for fuel instead of for eating.

Maybe we need to look for new food items.

Maybe we should think smaller.

Maybe we should think more legs.

Over here, eating insects is seen as something we only do as part of Reality TV shows like, I’m a Celebrity, but in other countries and cultures eating insects is just a fact of life. You might have seen pictures of Asian people eating sticky crickets on sticks. In Mexico, grasshopper tacos are popular and insects form a staple in African countries, in fact it appears that it’s only us andthe US who are pulling our faces at the thought of munching on crunchy insects.

The bad news is that we probably eat more insects than we realise. Insect “bits” appear in our foodstuffs during manufacture so often that they’re seen as inevitable. So inevitable, in fact, that it doesn’t get mentioned.

So should we eat insects on purpose?

Soon, you might have to. But on the plus side, they’re  a huge source of protein. They produce much more meat per kilogram of feed than the more usual farmed animals do, and more of their body mass is edible which makes them a very eco-friendly product. And they’re healthy too.

You might not be planning to change your BBQ from beef burgers to bee burgers just yet, but it might be time to at least give it a thought while you still have a choice.

Green waste and wood waste

9/04/2013 Green Waste
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What’s the difference between wood waste and green waste and how can they be recycled?

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Office Recycling

10/02/2012 Recycling
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No, I don’t mean you should recycle your entire office, not unless you work in demolition and are tearing down an entire block. And if you are, we can help with that. No, what we’re talking about here is the recycling that goes on in the office environment. It’s not just paper that your office […]

Recycle your batteries

1/02/2012 Electrical
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As you might know, 97% of the 30,000 batteries sold in the UK each year end up in landfill. Which is why new legislation was brought in to stop it and to encourage recycling. But, as of 2011, we’re woefully shy of our target. Here in the UK we were aiming for an 18% battery […]


28/01/2012 Fun Stuff
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Filmed on location at Cherry Hill Waste, Dust is set in the year 2060 and tells the tale of a man who has rejected society and has chosen to live in isolation. He has built his home away form the rest of the population and recycles everything he needs. Made by up and coming film […]

Not just skips

20/01/2012 Machinery
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We’ve been in the skip hire business for a long time, but we’re not sitting on our laurels, that’s for sure. For some time, we’ve been expanding and one of the most popular additions to our business has been the Doppstadt shredders. Doppstadt are well known and in our opinion produce the best shredders around. […]

Now’s the time to hire

13/01/2012 Skip Hire
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Now What?

28/12/2011 Recycling
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Christmas is over. At least it’s only once a year, right? Now is the time to start thinking about getting things back to normal. Starting where? Well, first of all, work out what you need to get rid of. Then check your council website (or the sticker on your bin) to see if your usual […]