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The Christmas Rummage

15/12/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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It’s not long until the big day is here and you’re probably expecting lots of lovely presents.  But, do you have room? You’re might think you do, but you can never really be sure. So let’s get prepared shall we? The first thing to do is have a rummage, especially if you’ve got kids. Toys […]

Reuse, recycle, bring cheer

1/12/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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December is here again and brings with it, Christmas. And that means you’re going to be buying decorations, presents, wrapping materials and food. Lots of food. But it’s at this time of year that recycling should be something you’re thinking about too. Let’s start with the decorating. It can get expensive so why not save […]

Back to School: Uniforms

24/08/2011 Textiles
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Yes, it’s nearly that time again; when the little darlings will finally be out from under your feet and become somebody else’s problem. So it makes sense to start getting ready for their return to school. Everything seems to cost more these days, as a parent you’ll spend £5,203 on school uniform and PE kit […]

Best, before use by date

18/07/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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There is more labelling on food than ever was before. It’s there for a reason of course. Much of it is to inform you about what you’re eating. So you can’t complain that your Dino Bites don’t contain actual dinosaur. But what about those labels that tell you if the food is still edible? How […]

Securely Destroying a Hard Disk

14/06/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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  It’s quite startling how quickly computer technology has advanced over the years. For some of us, the 48k Spectrum seems like only yesterday. Now, it’s all 2Gb memory chips and optical drives. Things change so quickly as the tech advances that you can find yourself left with out of date equipment before you even […]

Community Clean Up

29/04/2011 Fun Stuff
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Have a look outside and be honest about what you see. Is it clean and tidy? Pristine? Shiny? Lucky you. But that’s not the case everywhere. Go for a walk and you’ll find most places have at least one area that could do with a good going over. It might be a park or playground […]

It’s Skip Day

18/04/2011 Skip Hire
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Spring is well and truly here and if you followed last month’s blog posts, you’ve done your spring cleaning. If you’ve not, don’t worry, there’s still time. One thing that stops people from having a proper clear out is the cost of hiring a skip and the thought that it will be filled by your […]

Spring Clean- The Garden

25/03/2011 Green Waste
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“The spring has sprung. The grass is ris.” Or so the poem goes. And if your grass is “ris” to the kind of height that makes it hard to see where everything is, it might be time for a clear out. The harsh winter weather made it virtually impossible to do anything worthwhile in the […]

Spring Clean – The House

10/03/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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Do people still do a spring clean? We think it’s a great idea. Spring is all about new starts and while it’s not quite as beautiful as a new born lamb or the first daffodils, a nice clean house can be very satisfying. It’s all about clearing out the cobwebs (literally and metaphorically) of winter […]