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Doppstadt DW3060 - Hire a Doppstadt

Converting waste to energy is a great idea. We’ve looked at some of the methods already, and we’ve talked about pyrolysis and gasification. That’s where you combust wood and green waste without burning it in order to release syngas.

Of course you can’t just throw lumps of wood into your gasification chamber and hope for the best. It needs to be processed.  And the best way of processing wood and green waste for use in energy conversion is with a shredder.

Shredders are generally available as either slow speed or high speed and for our purposes a slow speed shredder like the Doppstadt DW3060 is perfect. Its slow speed means that it can easily handle tough and awkward loads like large lumps of waste wood.

You get some real chomping power with this machine and there’s very little that will stop it. But just in case, there are automatic fail safe mechanisms that will open the shredding comb if anything jams it. There’s not much more you could want from a big shredder.

What we like most about the DW3060 is that it’s incredibly mobile and can be taken where it’s needed very easily. And because of its low gearing, it’s nice and quiet (for a shredder) as well as being economical with fuel.

Shredders like this are going to be more and more useful in the future as new ways of handling waste come to the fore. Landfill is no longer an option so processing our waste for other uses is something we’re all going to have to look at. Whatever you plan to do with your waste, shredding it will usually be near the top of your to-do list.

Our advice? If you’re going to be shredding, plan ahead, stockpile and look to hire the Doppstadt DW3060.  Job done.

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