What do you do with all that waste?

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We go out of our way to avoid just burying your waste. Instead, when a fully loaded skip comes back to us, we do our best to help along the recycling process.

First, we manually remove any large items such as furniture or boxes. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, some things are just too big for our sorting machinery. And second, people really do dump things they shouldn’t dump. Sometimes it’s valuable stuff, sometimes it’s dangerous. But whatever it is, it’s better for everyone if we take it out. Once we’ve done that, we separate the wood from the bricks and stones. Then the machinery kicks in.

Recycling in Action

Wood is processed through our shredder. Not quite the paper shredder you might have in the office but essentially the same thing.

Large pieces of wood (and we get a lot of it!) are chipped to a more useable size. This wood is then recycled through one of our partners into a wide variety of woodchip products.

Bricks, stone, concrete and other varieties of aggregate are crushed and screened. The jaw crusher munches through the rocks, breaking them down into smaller pieces. The screen, which is essentially a large sieve, separates the crushed aggregate into three sizes – ready for use in a variety of construction projects.

Next in line for treatment are the metals. Large magnets on the conveyor belts separate the metals from the wood and stone. These are easily recovered into one of our skips and sent through to another of our partners for recycling.

Cardboard is baled for recycling into … new cardboard. Plastics are baled for recycling too. All kinds of wire appear in our yard and we collect it all together ready for sending the whole bundle to another reprocessing partner.

Green garden waste is shredded into smaller pieces, ideal for composting then spreading on farmland replacing necessary nutrients. It might be muck but it’s packed full of soily goodness!

Anything that can be recycled that comes through Cherry Hill Waste, you can guarantee we’re recycling it!

You can see more videos of our machinery doing their bit for the Recycling Revolution, but you don’t need anything as complicated as the stuff we use to start recycling. Let us know how you do your bit.

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cybasurfa November 25, 2009 at 04:43

I do what I can to recycle my household waste – the local authority provide wheelie bins for the purpose – but it’s great to see businesses like Cherry Hill dealing responsibly with waste materials, on an industrial scale, instead of dumping it in landfill.


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