The Hazard

23/02/2012 Electrical
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Hazardous is well named and no mistake. It takes an expert to handle it but half the battle is knowing what actually counts as hazardous. If you’re having a clear-out as part of your annual spring clean, you should make yourself aware of just what can and cannot be placed in a skip. Keep an […]

Office Recycling

10/02/2012 Recycling
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No, I don’t mean you should recycle your entire office, not unless you work in demolition and are tearing down an entire block. And if you are, we can help with that. No, what we’re talking about here is the recycling that goes on in the office environment. It’s not just paper that your office […]

Securely Destroying a Hard Disk

14/06/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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  It’s quite startling how quickly computer technology has advanced over the years. For some of us, the 48k Spectrum seems like only yesterday. Now, it’s all 2Gb memory chips and optical drives. Things change so quickly as the tech advances that you can find yourself left with out of date equipment before you even […]

Recycling computers securely

3/06/2010 Tips and How-Tos
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Recycling computers is a necessary part of the EU WEEE Directive. But how can you make sure your personal data is removed before recycling?