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Now What?

28/12/2011 Recycling
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Christmas is over. At least it’s only once a year, right? Now is the time to start thinking about getting things back to normal. Starting where? Well, first of all, work out what you need to get rid of. Then check your council website (or the sticker on your bin) to see if your usual […]

A Happy Christmas!

25/12/2011 Recycling
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Did you get everything you wanted? Did you get more packaging than you thought possible? It was bound to happen.  The trick is in coping with it all. As the gifts start pouring in, you’ll need to keep the packing separate as the gifts are unwrapped. Sorting early will save you a lot of messing […]

Best, before use by date

18/07/2011 Tips and How-Tos
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There is more labelling on food than ever was before. It’s there for a reason of course. Much of it is to inform you about what you’re eating. So you can’t complain that your Dino Bites don’t contain actual dinosaur. But what about those labels that tell you if the food is still edible? How […]

Right Royal Recycling

25/04/2011 Fun Stuff
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We know you’ve got it marked on your calendars, but in case you’ve forgotten, April 29th is the big day. The Royal Wedding, that is. You have got it marked on your calendars haven’t you? Even if you’re not a huge fan of the royals, it’s still a great excuse for a party. Many of […]

Food Waste – It’s not just compost!

13/07/2010 Recycling
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Producing heat and light from food waste is only one step in the treatment process.

Love Food, Hate Waste

12/03/2010 Waste Management
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Supermarkets throw away huge quantities of edible food every year – but so do all of us. The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign was set up to encourage all of us to reduce food waste to landfill.