Community Clean Up

29/04/2011 Fun Stuff
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Have a look outside and be honest about what you see. Is it clean and tidy? Pristine? Shiny? Lucky you. But that’s not the case everywhere. Go for a walk and you’ll find most places have at least one area that could do with a good going over. It might be a park or playground […]

You recycling partner

28/01/2011 Recycling
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When it comes to recycling, it helps to have a partner who knows how it all works. Team up with Cherry Hill Waste and you won’t go wrong.

Recycling for Wildlife

11/08/2010 Fun Stuff
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The “environment” isn’t some far off place – the environment is right outside your door. How about recycling to help your local wildlife.

Recycling in schools

2/07/2010 Recycling
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Recycling in schools is important to reduce waste and help the next generation to understand the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

A green World Cup

21/06/2010 News
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The World Cup in South Africa presents energy efficient and sustainability issues for the host nation. There are around 41 green projects and nine target areas in Cape Town alone.