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5 Tips on How to Have a More Sustainable Summer

It’s easy to feel guilty when you think about domestic waste removal. However, there are ways to make your home more sustainable. From environmentally friendly waste disposal and domestic waste management to planting flowers. We’ve put together this guide to help you have a more sustainable summer this year.

Use less plastic

Plastic can quickly fill up your domestic waste. Nowadays everything is sold to us in plastic packaging. To help you use less plastic you can opt for more environmentally friendly options during the summer. Consider buying reusable cutlery and plates for picnics and have a go at making more at home, rather than buying premade, prepackaged items. A little goes a long way and this will help with the amount of domestic waste removal you require.

See local sites

Rather than jetting off abroad, why not keep your summer holiday local? You’ll be able to save money, learn more about your own home and help the planet. Besides this, there are much more sustainable ways to travel, consider using boats, trains and buses over planes.

Create a compost pile

A large proportion of our domestic waste is food. Rather than throwing this in the bin where it will take up space in landfill, consider building a compost pile. This is an excellent way to reduce the need for domestic waste management and can provide you with high-quality compost soil for your garden.

Reuse old t-shirts

If you’ve had a spring clean of your wardrobe, you may have a pile of clothes waiting for the charity shop or a landfill pile. Rather than throwing textiles in the bin, reuse them! There are plenty of great ways to reuse old textiles, this could be as cleaning rags, or sewing projects or you could even re-dye them to give them a new life.

Open your windows

With the summer breeze and warm sunshine, clothing can dry really fast. Try to avoid using your tumble dryer and make sure your home has a beautiful summer breeze blowing through it. You can also make good use of the long hours of sunshine and reduce the need for electricity. Ideally, you won’t need to turn on any lights until well after 8 pm. This can do wonders for your utility bills as well as the planet.

Domestic Waste Management From Cherry Hill Waste

If you’re in need of environmentally friendly waste disposal or domestic waste management, pay us a visit at Cherry Hill Waste today. Get in touch to learn more about domestic waste removal from one of the best skip companies in Staffordshire.

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