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A Comprehensive Guide To Our Skip & Machinery Hire Services

Construction work of all kinds relies on a wide range of machinery and equipment to get the job done. This is because building work necessarily involves the moving of heavy materials and the usage of specialist techniques, all of which is made easier with the help of modern technology.


Often specialist construction tools are expensive to buy outright, where it can make more sense for these machines to be hired on a temporary basis, especially if they are only required for one part of a project. That’s where we come in - at Cherry Hill Waste, we have a wide range of construction equipment available to hire, whether you need a compact skip or a full sized tipper truck.


Read on to find out more about our full selection of machinery and equipment, with a look at the numerous benefits of choosing plant hire for your project.

Our Skips

Skips are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to managing waste and organising a construction project. These usually consist of an open topped container design, available in a variety of sizes to suit both domestic and commercial requirements. Roll on / roll off skips are a specialist version, which are designed to be rolled easily on or off a transportation vehicle for the easy removal of waste.


At Cherry Hill Waste, we have a variety of skips available to hire, where these range from 2 to 12 yard sizes. Our 2 yard skips are capable of holding approximately 25 bin bags of waste, so this size is ideal for a domestic project. In comparison, our 12 yard skips can hold up to 120 big bags of waste, or the equivalent in loose materials, so this is perfect for larger commercial jobs and building work. In addition to this, our 40 yard roll on / roll off skips are built to hold an impressive 440 bin bags, where this model can be used for the most challenging of waste handling projects.

What Are Skips Used For?

Skips can be used to organise the waste accumulated during a range of different projects, both domestic and commercial. They can come in handy for organising demolition waste from a construction project. Equally they can be used to gather up excess refuse from a home clear out or renovation.

Our Weighbridge

A weighbridge is an industrial scale that is typically mounted onto a permanent concrete foundation. These can work out the weight of different types of cargo by measuring vehicles and containers when they are full and when they are empty in order to calculate the difference.

The weighbridge at Cherry Hill Waste is built to accurately measure loads up to 50 tonnes, where we can also measure cargo held by tippers and HGVs. Our on-site weighbridge can be found at our facilities in Newcastle-under-Lyme and it is fully licensed for public use. This weighing scale is also surface mounted for convenient drive through access.

What Are Weighbridges Used For?

Weighbridges are usually used in order to calculate the exact weight of industrial loads, where this is important to ensure that heavy cargo can be transported safely. Often unusually shaped cargo is difficult to weigh on its own, so it can be easier to analyse with the help of a weighbridge scale.

Our Grab Lorries

A grabber or grab lorry is a specially designed truck for waste removal and material handling. These lorries are built with a hydraulic arm that ends in a grabbing attachment, where this can be used to scoop up materials and offload them into an open top trailer.


Our hire services allow you to benefit from the unique design of a grab lorry, where this type of machinery can help to make all kinds of waste management projects easier. You can hire a fully operated grab lorry from us, where our experienced drivers will take care of the entire process on your behalf. This means you can remove large quantities of waste from your site without delay.

What Are Grab Lorries Used For?

Due to their unique design, grab lorries can be used for a range of different applications. They are usually employed for the removal of bulky construction and demolition waste, as well as loose materials such as soil and aggregates. On a smaller scale, grab lorries are ideal for the removal of green waste and household materials, where this kind of refuse can usually be recycled after collection.

Our Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks are an ingenious invention that allow for waste to be loaded and unloaded with ease. Similar to a standard open top trailer, tippers stand out thanks to their raisable loading platform. The base of the trailer can be lifted using a hydraulic mechanism in order to empty out its contents. This makes material handling much more efficient, as without this feature the offloading process would have to be done by hand.


At Cherry Hill Waste, we understand how useful a tipper truck can be for waste management, which is why our hire options are tailor made to suit the needs of your project. Our 32 tonne, 8 wheel tipper trucks are perfect for any intensive waste or material handling project, where these come with a comprehensive 20 tonne payload capacity.

What Are Tipper Trucks Used For?

More specifically, tipper trucks can be used for a range of transportation jobs, where they provide easy offloading capabilities to a variety of different industries. Most commonly, these trucks are used to relocate loose building materials such as gravel, soil and wood chips.


When it comes to the winter months, they can also be used for clearing snow and delivering large deposits of grit, where a bulk quantity of gritting material can be delivered and then distributed using another more compact vehicle.

Why You Should Choose Plant Hire

Machinery and equipment hire is the perfect alternative to buying expensive tools outright, where you can access a comprehensive plant hire service at Cherry Hill Waste. Some of the benefits of choosing plant hire include:


Affordability - You will be able to access all the machinery you need without the steep upfront cost of buying it outright, where this can help you to keep your project on budget. Beyond this, any insurance or repair costs will also be handled by the hire company, instead of being your responsibility.


Operated Options - Some hire services will also give you the option of machinery that comes with an experienced operator or driver, so you don’t have to worry about using specialist machinery yourself. Alternatively, the hire team could offer on site training to ensure everything is being used correctly.


Serviced Equipment - Hired equipment will be fully serviced and checked according to current industry standards, meaning you can rest assured that the machinery you’re using is completely safe. This machinery will undergo inspections at the end of every hire contract, so any issues will be picked up straight away.


No Storage Worries - If you’re hiring equipment on a temporary basis, then you don’t have to worry about finding long term storage solutions for bulky machinery, as this will be taken care of by the plant hire company.


Expert Advice - When hiring machinery from a plant hire team, you can also benefit from their expert knowledge, so you can ensure that you’re getting hold of the right equipment for your project needs.

Cherry Hill Waste: Comprehensive Machinery Hire Services

At Cherry Hill Waste we make it easy for you to remove unwanted refuse from your site, without breaking the bank. Thanks to our range of skips and recycling equipment available to hire, organising your domestic or commercial project has never been easier. You can also benefit from our tipper and grab hire services, or you can make use of our onsite weighbridge to ensure your heavy cargo is manageable.


Beyond this, we offer a dependable aggregate delivery service, so you can source high quality crushed stone, topsoil and wood chippings from our team. All of these can be sent directly to your site at a time that works for you.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help with your next project.


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