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Gutting Your Home: Your How-To Guide on Interior Demolition

Whether you want to completely remodel your home or you’re planning on flipping a house to sell, the best thing to do is gut the house right down to its original floor plan. If your house hasn’t been renovated for over 20 years, it likely is outdated and dangerous in areas. Rotting wood, asbestos and inefficient insulation and heating systems means it's probably more cost-efficient to start from scratch.

Gutting a house ‘to the studs’ means stripping away drywall, insulation and ceiling fixtures to leave nothing but beams and unfinished flooring.

Here’s our guide to interior demolition.

Get the tools

You’ll need to equip yourselves with the right tools and equipment for the taste, this includes:

  • Protective equipment (e.g. protective glasses, ear protection, hard hat, gloves, dust mask)

  • Sledgehammer

  • Crowbar

  • Hammer

  • Saw or reciprocating saw

  • Stud finder

  • Retractable knife

  • Breaker drill/Air chisel

  • Power drill

  • Drop Sheets or carpet protector film (if keeping flooring)


You will first need to find out whether you are covered under your home insurance before you tackle any major renovations. If not, you should purchase specialist home renovation insurance. You’ll also need to figure out which walls are safe to knock down, if you plan on doing that. You should have had a survey completed that tells you which walls are load bearing and non-loadbearing.

Make a plan

You’ll need a good plan of action to prepare yourselves for your renovation project. For your rubbish removal, you’ll want to keep skip hire to a minimum to save yourselves money. If you plan to get the whole house done at once or clear it out room by room, it's up to you. It might be better to do it room by room and organise rubbish removal as and when you need it, just in case you have to move in mid renovation.

Get the right skip hire

It’s a good idea to think hard about how to deal with waste removal. You can choose skip hire, which usually works well for lots of people. Just remember to get the right size skip. You don’t want to get a mini skip hire that is too small and have to pay for another. However, a skip that is too big is just a waste of money. If you have large amounts of waste, you could also consider grab hire as an easy rubbish removal option.

At Cherry Hill Waste, we provide skip hire of all sizes for your waste removal, whether you need mini skip hire or roll on roll off. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.

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