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Three Benefits of Green Waste Collection You Need to Know

From teabags, coffee grounds and organic food waste to grass cuttings and weeds, there are various examples of green waste that businesses can produce, with certain businesses producing more than others - particularly those involved in gardening, landscaping or food-related activities.

Whilst you may think it’s okay for this waste to be disposed of with the rest of your general waste, especially since it’s organic and will presumptuously biodegrade, this is not actually the case. Instead, you should consider arranging commercial green waste removal.

Keep reading on to learn about the benefits of doing so.

1.  Stops Green Waste from Going to Landfill

By arranging for a commercial green waste collection, this ensures that your green waste will be disposed of responsibly, rather than going to landfill. You may be wondering why green waste at landfill is an issue - it’s organic and naturally biodegradable, afterall!

That may be the case, however green waste still produces methane gas as it decomposes, which will be released into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. As such, it’s important that green waste is decomposed under the right conditions, such as in compost bins, or recycled and repurposed, such as into mulch for use in gardening.

When collected by a responsible waste disposal company, you can rest assured that this will be the case! As such, your business’ carbon footprint will naturally be lowered.

2.  Utilises the Benefits of Green Waste

Following on from our previous point, by responsibly disposing of green waste, collection companies are actually utilising the many benefits that it has to offer.

One of the most common and practical examples of how they do this is through the process of composting. This allows green waste to break down into a nutrient rich compost that can be used in domestic and commercial gardening or in farming, helping to improve soil conditions and promote plant and crop growth.

New technology means green waste recycling is also possible, with plant waste now having the potential to be turned into biofuel - a sustainable alternative to other fuel sources.

3.  Creates Economic Opportunities

Because green waste can be utilised, this creates economic opportunities that can benefit the wider economy in general. By creating compost, this can be bagged and sold to domestic customers, or sold in bulk to commercial customers, who will benefit from its high quality.

The money made from this can then go to supporting and bettering the processes used to sustainably manage and dispose of green waste, allowing such services to grow.

Arrange Your Green Waste Collection Today

Could your business benefit from green waste removal? Here at Cherry Hill Waste, we offer skip hire for all kinds of waste - including green waste.

Striving to recycle all of the waste we collect, you can rest assured that your green waste will be disposed of responsibly, rather than going to landfill.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

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