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Versatility at its Finest: Domestic Uses of Aggregates

A staple group of materials used in construction and various other industrial applications, aggregates are incredibly versatile and offer benefits a plenty. However, their use isn’t limited to trade - there are various uses for aggregates that can be used in a domestic setting.

We’ll explore all in this blog, so keep reading to see how aggregates could benefit you during your next DIY or home renovation project.


Gravel driveways are popular amongst many for a number of reasons. For one, they offer great traction in wet and icy weather compared to asphalt or concrete driveways, as well as providing excellent water drainage - not to mention, they’re relatively low maintenance, easy to install and can be customised in shape, size and colour!

Aggregates are a great option to use when creating this type of driveway, as there is a variety of aggregates to choose from depending on the needs you have for your driveway.

In relation to size, aggregates that are smaller than the tyre treads of your car may get stuck in them, whilst large aggregates may be tricky to walk on and can be liable to shift with vehicle movement. As such, the recommended size is between 14mm-20mm.

Garden Landscaping

Gardens are an area of the home that are brimming with potential and inspiration. When landscaping your garden, then, aggregates can come in handy once more.

One thing they’re great for is for improving drainage in various areas throughout your garden. For example, you can use them on top of flower beds to do just that, as well as prevent weeds from growing - they also make for a great aesthetic feature!

Not only can you use them on flower beds, but they can be used to compliment a rock garden, incorporating various shapes, sizes and textures that really bring rock gardens to life whilst promoting biodiversity and offering habitat to small insects and bugs.

If you want your garden to tell a story, then creating a path that runs through it is a great way to take you on a journey through each carefully thought out aspect of your garden’s design, allowing you to appreciate your hard work whilst the path itself adds to this further. Aggregates are great for creating garden paths that offer good drainage and appear softer than concrete, although you could still use stepping stones on them for a multi-layered aesthetic.

Interior Design

Aggregates don’t have to exclusively be used outside, either, but you can actually make use of them indoors, too! For example, you can incorporate them into your countertops through the use of exposed aggregate concrete - a decorative technique that offers a unique, customisable finish based on the types and sizes of aggregates used!

So, are you feeling inspired? If you require an aggregate supplier that you can trust, look no further than us here at Cherry Hill Waste. We prioritise quality and efficiency when it comes to our aggregate services; get in touch today to learn more.

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