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What is Waste Management Machinery & How Does it Work?

Whilst disposing of waste responsibly is incredibly important, it’s also a large task - one that is made much more efficient and streamlined with the help of various machinery throughout the process.

From collecting waste ready to be sorted to condensing recyclable waste later down the line, we’ll be discussing some commonly used types of waste management and recycling machinery, looking at how they work and how they can benefit your waste management process.

Grab Lorry

Starting at the first stage of the process, grab lorries are great for collecting large amounts of waste that is hard to move manually, making them especially useful at large commercial sites (e.g. landscaping or construction site).

These large lorries feature a large hydraulic arm with a bucket or grab attachment on the end (hence their name), which allows them to collect large volumes of waste and deposit it into their trailer with ease. Furthermore, their transportability and efficiency allows waste to be easily and quickly collected and transferred across a site.

Tipper Lorry

When it comes to transporting and depositing waste at waste transfer centres, tipper lorries are ideal. These large vehicles can hold a vast quantity of waste, then, as their name suggests, are able to tip waste out again - depositing it at its designated destination.

Because of the way these work, they are best suited for loose waste, such as soil, rubble and other inert waste commonly found at landscaping or construction projects.

Sorting Machines

Once waste has been collected at a waste transfer station, it will then be sorted into waste types so that it can all be disposed of as responsibly and sustainably as possible. This is where sorting machines come in.

Their name is rather self-explanatory - they sort through the waste. There are different ways this can be done; for example, some machines will use an air separation system to sort waste materials by weights, whilst others use magnets to separate metals from nonmetals and then some may sort waste through screens and density separators that isolate waste materials based on their size.


Once waste has been sorted through and segregated, it’s time for it to either be disposed of or recycled. One machine that is commonly used in the recycling of materials is an industrial shredder.

There are many different types of shredders used for different types of waste, for example you can get ones specifically for paper, wood or even scrap metal. Each provides the same purpose - to condense materials into smaller particles, so that these can be used within the recycling process to make new sustainable materials.

Machinery Hire from Cherry Hill Waste

If you require machinery hire to help streamline your waste management processes, then look to us here at Cherry Hill Waste Ltd.

We offer both grab and tipper hire - perfect for all your muck-away, site clearance and earth moving needs.

To discuss your requirements, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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