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Why are Weighbridges Indispensable for Your Business?

If your business involves the use of HGVs, plant machinery or other large vehicles, such as a grab lorry or tipper truck, then you would certainly benefit from access to a weighbridge.

If you aren’t familiar with what a weighbridge is or why they’re vital for many businesses, then keep reading as we discuss them further in this blog.

What is a Weighbridge?

A weighbridge is essentially a large set of heavy-duty scales, most commonly used to test the loads of vehicles. As suggested by their name, they are constructed in the form of a low bridge-like structure, often mounted permanently on a concrete foundation. A vehicle will then drive onto this, with the load cells in the weighbridge accurately calculating its weight and displaying this on a digital readout before it drives off again.

Typically, you will drive a vehicle onto a weighbridge when it’s unloaded as well as when it’s loaded, so that the weight of the vehicle itself can be taken into account and the weight of the load accurately calculated.

The Business Benefits of Using One

Avoid Legal Repercussions

There are a number of reasons as to why your business can benefit from using a weighbridge. Firstly, in accurately calculating the weight of your load, you can ensure that your vehicle is carrying loads within its operable limits.

There are many regulations surrounding the maximum loads certain vehicles can carry - especially if these are being transported across public highways. If one of your vehicles is stopped and found to be carrying a load that’s heavier than the maximum permissible load it should be carrying, then you could find yourself having to pay hefty fines.

Using a weighbridge is a quick and easy way to test the loads of your vehicles and ensure these are safe to carry, allowing you to adjust them accordingly if they’re not.

Save on Costs

As well as monitoring the loads of your vehicles to ensure they’re not too heavy, you can also see if they're significantly lower than the maximum weight that can be carried. This allows you to identify any opportunities to increase loads as a way of maximising efficiency and reducing costs associated with your business operations.

For example, if you are using a tipper truck to transport waste to a waste disposal facility and have the space to hold more, along with more waste to be disposed of, then it makes sense to utilise the space/weight available, reducing the overall number of back-and-forth trips being made and the costs associated with these.

Weighbridge in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Are you transporting an abnormal load that you accurately need weighing? Visit us here at Cherry Hill Waste Ltd. Our on-site weighbridge is available for public use without prior appointment. Our weighbridge operatives are friendly, experienced and pay close attention to health and safety at all times.

Alongside the use of our weighbridge, we also offer a number of waste management services, including grab and tipper hire, which can be used in conjunction with our weighbridge so you can accurately calculate the load of the waste you’re disposing of.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about our services.

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